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  1. Effort to modernize Colorado records law clears key hurdle in state House committee
    The ever-evolving effort to modernize Colorado's public records law cleared another key hurdle Monday after House Democrats reversed a Senate Republican effort to bring the judicial branch under the Colorado Open Records Act -- an issue that has divided the two sides for years.
  2. Electronic records bill gets Colorado House hearing
    A bill to modernize Colorado's Open Records Act gets its first hearing in the Democrat-led House Monday, with Democrats pushing for a measure that presumes the public is entitled to access government records in ways that can be analyzed by computer.
  3. Younger Colorado Legislature? Change wins preliminary OK
    Colorado may ask voters again whether 21-year-olds should be able to serve in the state Legislature.
  4. Trump administration sanctions 271 in Syrian chemical attack
    The Trump administration issued sanctions Monday on 271 people linked to the Syrian agency responsible for producing non-conventional weapons, part of an ongoing U.S. crackdown on Syrian President Bashar Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons.
  5. Trump to issue new order calling into question two decades of national monument designations
    President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Wednesday instructing the Interior Department to review national monument designations his three predecessors have made over the past 21 years, according to administration officials and GOP lawmakers, a move that could upend protections that previous presidents have put in place in Utah and elsewhere across the country.
  6. Lawsuit claims Colorado’s Amendment 71 — “Raise the Bar” — violates “one man, one vote”
    The lawsuit argues Amendment 71, which made it harder to change the state constitution, discriminates against urban voters by making them less important in the petition process.
  7. Construction defects homeowner consent bill breezes through Colorado House
    A measure requiring that a majority of homeowners in a condo complex first approve a construction defects action against a builder -- rather than just the association board -- passed the Colorado House Monday and now moves on to the Senate.
  8. Colorado lawmakers spike effort to extend bar hours
    A bipartisan measure to remove a statewide prohibition on alcohol sales at bars and restaurants between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. failed Monday in the Republican-led state Senate.
  9. Dems say Trump can avert shutdown risk if he relents on wall
    President Donald Trump could avert the risk of a government shutdown next weekend by stepping back from his demand that lawmakers fund his promised border wall with Mexico in a must-pass spending bill, Congress' two top Democrats said Monday.
  10. Trump’s first 100 days: What can he accomplish before the hundredth day?
    Here's where things stand heading into Day 95 of the Trump administration.