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  1. From the Mao revolution to betrayal, then an impossible escape
    These now-yearly endeavors underscore what remains a vital goal of China's government: to shore up the snitch society that has kept the Communist Party in power since its early days.
  2. Mountain lions are terrified by the voices of Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow
    Rachel Maddow's voice fills the clearing: "Last Friday, three days after Bobby Jindal quit . . ." The mountain lion lifts its head, turns tail and flees. It's gone before the political commentator even finishes her sentence.
  3. Trump’s putdown of wind energy whips up a backlash in turbine-crazy Iowa
    President Trump's putdown of wind energy at his Iowa rally was denounced Thursday across the state, which takes pride in its position as a national leader in wind generation.
  4. Mike Coffman to meet with Russian ambassador about Littleton police officer who went missing during Mount Elbrus ascent
    U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman says he will meet Friday with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. about missing Littleton police officer Steven Beare, who disappeared while ascending a mountain in the European nation's Caucasus region.
  5. Four GOP senators oppose Senate health-care measure in its current form
    Four Republican senators from the conservative wing of their party say they oppose the Senate health-care bill as it was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday.
  6. “Pizzagate” gunman in D.C. sentenced to 4 years in prison
    A North Carolina man who fired an assault rifle inside a District of Columbia restaurant during his investigation of a conspiracy theory dubbed "pizzagate" was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison.
  7. Mike Pence to address Focus on the Family, tour Schriever Air Force base on Colorado Springs visit
    Vice President Mike Pence's visit begins with midmorning remarks at the 40th anniversary celebration of Focus on the Family, a staunchly anti-abortion group that promotes conservative Christian values.
  8. No tapes: Trump says he didn’t record meetings with Comey
    WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump said Thursday on Twitter that he "did not make" and doesn't have any recordings of his private conversations with ousted former FBI Director James Comey.
  9. Cory Gardner wants to slow Senate GOP’s push for quick health care vote
    The Colorado Republican, whose input helped shape the bill and whose vote is seen as crucial for its passage, suggests working through the July 4 recess.
  10. Man charged after threatening Ohio congressman
    An Ohio man has been charged with threatening to "assault, kidnap or murder a United States official" after leaving several threatening voicemail messages with Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers' office.